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  1. Where do I start?
  2. What should I expect after I request an estimate?
  3. Why do you have such a low pressure sales policy?
  4. What should I expect once I choose Allied Construction?
  5. How long will the job take?
  6. What happens when it rains?
  7. How do you deal with unexpected circumstances?
  8. How should I clean my roof?
  9. How should I clean my deck?
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Roof,  Awning, Deck, and Railing,  all by Allied Construction

Where do I start?

    Just click on any of the Contact Us Links and fill out the form or call the phone number.  We try to respond within 24 hours of receiving your information.  From there we will be happy to discuss your project needs.

What should I expect after I request an estimate?

    We will contact you and discuss your project, and also set a time to look at the project.  Depending on project scope, it might not even be necessary for you to be there.  Once the estimator has had a chance to evaluate the project and discuss your needs, a project proposal will be prepared.  We present the proposal to you any way you would prefer, from mail, email, or fax to meeting with you at your convenience.  Once you get a chance to look over the project proposal, you can contact us at your convenience to discuss questions or make changes. While we will always be there to answer questions and discuss options, we will never pressure you to make a decision.  We respect your right to make an informed decision, which is why we work with you on your time table under your parameters to provide you with honest assessments of your project.  Once you are ready to make your decision and choose Allied Construction, just call to schedule your project.

Why do you have such a low pressure sales policy?

    We respect your right to make an informed decision.  We treat our prospective customers the way we would like to be treated when making major purchases:  Present us with the facts, present us with the options, present us with the prices, let us do a little research, be available to answer any questions, but most of all, respect our right to choose what's best for us.
    We are also a referral based company, and we are confident that our past speaks for itself.  More than likely, you are here because someone you know and trust pointed you in our direction.  We don't use expensive yellow page ads, ultra-hip web sites, catchy radio and TV commercials, fancy showrooms, and high pressure sales to generate our business(and, by the way, with the money we save, we pass the savings on to you while  paying our employees some of the industries leading wages).  Instead, our past customers generate the business for us, and it would be disrespectful and counterproductive for us to treat our potential customers any different than the way we treated our past customers.

What should I expect once I choose Allied Construction?

    We will work with you to schedule your project.  Keep in mind that during the warmer months with nice weather, everyone wants their project done, so it is better to plan a few months ahead if you must have your project done during those months.  Once scheduled, we will contact you as your project approaches, to finalize materials, colors, etc., and set a more concrete date.  As that date approaches, we will contact you again to finalize the start date, and make sure power outlets are available, drive way is clear for deliveries, etc. 

How long will the job take?
 There are many variables as to how long a job will take: Crew size, weather, roof pitch, equipment problems, building inspection schedule, etc.  Typical jobs such as a medium size re-roof, deck, or fence can take 2-4 days, while smaller jobs such as a medium sized new construction house roof, or a small re-deck job can take as little as a day.  Sometimes large, difficult jobs can take a week or more.  In any case, we will advise you as the job progresses if we are going to deviate drastically from our original time estimate.

What happens when it rains?

    We work all year round in all weather conditions.  Depending upon your project, rain or snow might not affect work at all.  Many times, though, weather can affect it.  We never tear off roofs in the rain.  When we are tearing off, we are constantly monitoring doplar radar and hour by hour forecasts to make sure we are prepared for what is coming.  At every job where dryness is critical, we have tarps prepared to cover the roof if necessary.  We never leave roofs open or unprotected from the weather.  If raining, or at the end of each day, regardless of what's predicted in the forecast, we make sure each roof is totally dried in for the night.
    Many projects such as most decks and fences, can be started and completed in the rain.  We also can install most roofing products in the rain under usual circumstances.

How do you deal with unexpected circumstances?

    Unfortunately, though rare it may be, sometimes unexpected circumstances arise on a job.  Many times when we do an estimate or evaluation, we can tell where there is damage and what will need to be fixed, but sometimes once the project starts, more extensive damage will be found.  If this happens, before we do any repairs, we will contact you and allow you to observe the unexpected damage, and decide exactly what you want done.  Per hour cost for these situations is listed on every contract, and many times we can give you an accurate estimate of how many hours it will take to repair the unexpected problem.  We will begin working on the problem only after we have received the okay from you to proceed.

    Though no one in our industry likes to admit it, and some won't admit it (shown partly by their refusal to carry liability insurance), sometimes accidents happen.  Maybe there is a wind storm overnight, and a tarp and underlayment partially blow off, allowing a leak to form, or maybe a truck or dumpster dings up a gutter or garage door, or a skylight shatters when a tool is dropped on it.  Use your imagination. No matter how big or small the accident, we will notify you of the nature of the accident, and take care of it in a timely manner according to your wishes.  Obviously, you will not be financially responsible for our accident.  Remember, we are a referral driven company, and we want you to be satisfied.  If in the rare case something bad does happen on your project, we want you to be able to say to your friends, "...but it turned out okay, Allied Construction took care of everything and made it right."

How should I clean my roof?

    No matter what the advertisements say, DON'T PRESSURE WASH YOUR ROOF!   Pressure washing, while making your roof look good, most often causes irreversible damage and shortens the life of your roof, even when done correctly.  Be aware of roofing contractors who also offer pressure washing services.  Instead, use a standard leaf blower to clean your roof.  If you notice a large number of rock granules from composition roofing being removed by the blower, stop, or try blowing softer.  The same rules apply for sweeping with a broom.  Also, only blow or sweep from the top ridge down toward the gutter.  This will prevent the seal of the roof from being broken.  Moss removal is more difficult.  Typically, you can buy moss killing products from any home improvement store.  Follow the direction to kill the moss, then sweep or blow the dead moss off the roof at a later date.  Always be aware of wet roofs, especially wood and metal.  They can become very slick, even with only a little bit of moisture.

How should I clean my deck?

    Generally, commercially available deck cleaners do a good job, and if you follow the instructions and do it every year, its not a very difficult task.  Make sure you buy deck cleaner that is compatible with your type of deck (composite or wood).  If you choose to pressure wash you deck, be very careful.  Like with roofing, pressure washing can damage decking, even if done correctly.  Additionally, if you pressure wash your wood deck, you should re-seal it once it dries to prevent premature aging.